Tile Roofing in Flagstaff

Recognized as a tile roofing company with years of skilled experience in Flagstaff, Altitude Roofing LLC is licensed installer of tile roof systems for both residential and commercial buildings. Extremely durable and exceptionally attractive, tile roofing is systems offer energy savings and long lasting performance that far exceeds most other roofing options. Our licensed and experienced roof technicians customize tile roof shingles and tile materials to suit virtually any architectural style to suit your home, business and your budget.

Available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, styles and designs, Altitude Roofing LLC provides qualified recommendations for choosing the tile roof options that are suitable to your property in Flagstaff that include but are not limited to:

Spanish Tile Roof – Valued for its simplicity of design that includes a uniquely rippled surface pattern Spanish roof tile also known as clay tile can dramatically enhance or transform the architectural style of any property to resemble an authentic and rich old word appearance . Clay tile roof expectancy is among the highest of all roofing systems averaging at a 40–50 year roof lifespan.

Mediterranean Roof Tile - Similar to Spanish roof tiles but with an advanced interlocking fastening system, Altitude Roofing LLC uses advanced tile roof technology that offers the ultimate in weather resistance and all forms of damage and deterioration. Benefit from advanced roof tile design that allows for continuous air flow beneath the roofing system the increases energy savings and is virtually maintenance free. Choose from unlimited colors to create impressive rooftop stylishness that adds significant value to your home or commercial property in Flagstaff.

Shingle Tile – Altitude Roofing LLC offers a wide range of colors and textures for finely detailed and customized tile roof shingle applications that can be tailored to blend with existing architecture or used to achieve a new and uniquely handcrafted appearance.

Terracotta Tile Roof – With a long history that spans centuries, terracotta roofing systems, also known as fired clay roofing, is a durable roofing option that offers the elegant charm of Old Europe and beyond. Altitude Roofing LLC roof restoration specialists combine the ancient method of firing clay with modern roofing technology that results in exceptional roof systems for a home or building in Flagstaff.

Tile Roof Repair

Built to last for several decades, certain extreme weather events that shift a foundation or excessive foot traffic may cause roof tiling to crack or shown signs of damage. Over time, the moisture protection barrier beneath roof tiling and just above the roof deck may require evaluation and repair to avoid advanced decay and deterioration. The certified tile roofing specialists at Altitude Roofing LLC are exclusively equipped with the specialty tools and knowledge required to carry out tile roof repair in Flagstaff. For damaged, cracked or chipped roof tiles, contact our experienced roofing technicians and craftsmen for immediate assistance and prompt roof restoration.

Why Choose Altitude Roofing LLC ?

It is recommended that all tile roof system installation, repair and maintenance be carried out by a professional and certified roofing company experienced with particular requirements of a tile roofing system. Tile roofing is specialty systems that require regular inspections to ensure they achieve their intended and extended lifespan. Contact a Altitude Roofing LLC roofing expert for more information today.